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Abonamente noi ARAX Internet

În această vară, ARAX oferă tutuor clienților abonamentele Internet într-o nouă viziune. Ideal pentru comunicare, „ARAX Internet -2 Mbps”, este abonamentul potrivit pentru cei care vor să comunice cu prietenii prin E-mail, Facebook, sau Skype la doar 49 lei. „ARAX Internet -20 Mbps”, este abonamentul ideal pentru cei care vor să privească continuu filme on-line, și Youtube la doar 99 de lei.  „ARAX Internet -100 Mbps”, este pachetul perfect pentru cei care vor să comunice cu prietenii prin E-mail, Facebook, sau Skype.


Internet access, quality and stability of ARAX Company’s services are in the SETI Fasternet. Pricing plans and speed that are offered will pleasantly surprise the customers. We offer affordable Internet for everyone: students, young employed who recently completed higher education, young families, public sector workers, etc.


Welcome to the world of digital television revolution! Now you can forget about the poor quality of the image, that you had when you used the analog television. In addition, if you are a Zebra TV, you can use additional options that are offered as follows: TV program, favorite programs, control children's access to various TV channels, etc.


PSTN is a public telephone network. With this service, happy owners of new apartments and houses tenants secondary housing market category, including houses built long time ago, can get easily a local phone number and save expensive talking with subscribers in the city, in the regions of Moldova and abroad.